Monday, November 24, 2014

I know I'm a few minutes early, but still...

The two people who are usually here before me...aren't. I remembered one coworker is having flooring installed today and will be out, but not sure where my boss is. So I needed to prop open the door, so the staff worker who has been putting in overtime due to position vacancies can get in without having to call one of us.

The office is unnaturally hot, as if someone turned the thermostat up to eighty just before they left for the weekend. My office, which hovers around 63 degrees all winter (I'm at the end of the steam heat run, on the northwest corner of the building with an unheated stairwell next to me - believe me, 63 is good) is boiling hot. I had to turn on the little fan I usually use in the summer. Even the surface of the desk is warm.

I came in a bit early to be sure of getting a parking space. I figured (rightly) that the few students who are parking their cars in this lot would move them under, as snow is forecast.

I just heard the door - it sounds like my boss, at least, is here. Better get to work.


melissa said...

You were whispering, weren't you?!! Enjoy your warm day. :)

Diane said...

LOL, a little bit. Though I turn on ALL the lights (for some reason, the woman who gets here at 6:00 doesn't turn on the lights in the main room of the office (she has her own office), and my boss tends to just turn on the kitchen light when he comes in - I'm the one who ends up turning on the main office lights, plus the switch next to my office) so that it screams "Someone is here!"