Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday again

I seem to run in here on Fridays for a quick brain dump...who am I to overturn that tradition?

The intertubes are ablaze with outrage over the POTUS' Democratic voter creating amnesty program. So very over this man. While I'm looking forward to 2016, it could go very, very badly if the other party doesn't get their act together, start showing real concern for the public and present a united, rational front. If they don't, and the vote is spilt all over the place, we could end up with ::shudder:: Mrs. Clinton in office.

On the plus side, she might spend all of her presidency defending the husband-in-chief from allegations of sexual assault.

It is still cold here, with freezing rain expected overnight. The level of the atmosphere is warmer than the surface, so what starts up there as rain ends up down here as ice.

Back in September, I asked a member of our Environment (party planning) committee whether or not our Christmas party would include a charity silent auction, the way it has in the past. She didn't know, but thought maybe not, as the last two years there has been declining interest.

The "invitation" to the Christmas party just came out, and yes, there is a silent auction. Sigh. These people must not be crafters - three and a half weeks' notice at this time of year isn't enough. I did come up with something, though: dishtowels, potholders and an apron all applique/embroidered with snowmen.

I have the dishtowels ready to embroider already (they were meant for me, but I hadn't yet started them, so...), have everything I need to make the potholders from scratch (again, I bought the insulated batting to make potholders for myself - there's more than enough for both projects) and only had to purchase the snowmen designs (bless you,, for your 75% off sale) and a plain apron (Amazon). A friend embellishes serving spoons and forks with wrapped wire and polished stones - a set of those completes the package.

Like I really needed something else to do.

Under the weather a bit here. Upset stomach earlier in the week, with occasional rumbles yet today, but the main issue is the first of the winter colds. Sneezing, nose running and an overwhelming desire to sleep.

Sleeping, but with much dreaming. Night before last, it was centered at work, around a project I'm not involved with, but apparently needed to attend an organizing meeting. I'd lost my ID, and couldn't get anyone to help me find it or procure a new one...This morning's wasn't centered around work, but the details that were so vivid on rising have faded from memory. In a strange way, I like being sick, since it leads to nights of odd dreams.

Hoping I can hold it together, as I'm meeting a friend for breakfast tomorrow.

It is already time to pick up stamps for Christmas cards. I didn't feel behind until I realized this. The tree usually goes up Thanksgiving evening, which means the cleaning needs to be done extra well this weekend. You can't exactly move the tree to vacuum behind it once it is up. Besides, it's time to rearrange the living room again. I've come up with a new arrangement that I think will work, and will let me sit next to the fire more often. It also provides a great place to put the tree.

We'll see if any of that gets done this weekend...the urge to go home and go straight to bed is strong.

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melissa said...

You need some of my Elderberry syrup. :) And a weekend to play. Enjoy your breakfast, sweets.