Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Words, words, words, I'm so...happy to deal with them rather than numbers

My boss often has me proofread memos and documents for him, especially if they are going in the packet to the Board of Trustees.*

I think he gives them to me because I tend to correct the grammar mistakes and catch repetitious, add on phrases that don't add value or meaning, but stop short of shouting, "Argh! This is junk! Let me rewrite it!!".

In other words, I clean it up without stripping it of his voice.

Once upon a time, I wished I could be an English major, but practicality won out (as well as a need to earn a living) and I landed in accounting. It's kind of nice to deal with words rather than numbers on occasion.

*Pfft. You know I don't proof anything here. Or at least I haven't on things written in the last several years.  I need a short cooling off time between writing and proofing in order to do a good job on the edits; these days, if I write something and put it aside intending to go back later, I forget about it entirely. Hence, the brain-dump quality of the writing here.

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