Monday, November 03, 2014

Back to the salt mines

The Monday after vacation always comes around. Well, unless your vacation ends some other day than Sunday. Even then, that first day back always feels like a Monday.

For a change, I did a good job cleaning things up, leaving a list and getting organized before I went on vacation. That, plus a quick culling of junk/unneeded e-mail Sunday afternoon, and this morning's reentry into the world of work went smoothly.

Cheerfully, in fact.

Unfortunately, I need to leave a few minutes early today, to go do a quick pick up at home before a friend comes by to check out the dryer. I had finished all the work clothes laundry Friday and Saturday in anticipation of today, then moved on to a couple of shirts I only wear around the house. Stuck them in the washer on the way out Sunday morning, then tossed them in the dryer when I got home. Turned the "on" knob.

Nothing. Not even a click.

I checked the breaker (the box conveniently located directly above the dryer) and the plug, but couldn't find anything obvious.

But God is good - the work clothes were clean, I had clean towels, and could not foresee an urgent need for a dryer for at least a week.

I put a general call out on Facebook for contacts for a reliable service person, and a friend who has had her share of appliance problems said her husband could come look at it after work today. I just talked to him (he actually works in my building at work) and he has a couple of ideas of what it could be, as well as a spare part to fix the most common problem.

God is truly good - and so are His people.

So, in spite of it being my first day back, in spite of a busted dryer, in spite of time change induced sleepiness (hello, 3:30 a.m.! Didn't you used to be 4:30?) I'm cheerful and happy to tackle the day.

Time to get another cup of coffee...


melissa said...

Wish I was within hollering distance. I love fixing appliances, and have a pretty good track record. :) Let us know what he finds out.

Diane said...

Well...he flipped the breaker, plugged and unplugged, tilted it, then tried it out...and it worked.

Saved me a $100 service call, easy. He did say the cord is brittle, and when it heats up, it may be that the wires inside expand and touch, temporarily stopping it? And this happened the one time I was drying one load right after another. He said if it happens again, give him a call and he will replace the cord.