Saturday, November 01, 2014


This last winter I put together a kit quilt (the pattern and preselected fabrics are sold together as a unit), intending to use it as a baby gift. When I got done, however, I realized that the theme - all rain related fabrics - was a bit depressing for a kid's quilt, even though one of the prints was a cute rainboot one.

It languished in the "give me away sometime" pile until a annual silent auction for cerebral palsy came up. A dear friend's sister has a daughter with CP. I'd been to the fundraiser in the past; it's pretty low key, but brings in a nice chunk of change. This quilt went to the auction (and the successful bidder was another friend of mine).

Sideways, but you get the idea.
Swirly quilt pattern. I used the Bernina Stitch Regulator on
this top, and whichever mode I was using is the one I
ended up not liking.
Then again, if I remember aright, the quilt itself was stiff
and hard to move, accounting for some of the strangeness of
the swirls. See the I Spy quilt - done about the same time as
this one - and see how much smoother the curves are.

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melissa said...

I do love the swirls. :)