Wednesday, November 05, 2014

It's all over but the ... whining, shouting and fist shaking

Whew, glad to have the mid-terms over. Even more happy to see that the country overwhelmingly signaled their dissatisfaction with the leadership of the country, and their desire for change.

Though the president doesn't see this as a repudiation of his policies. I really think he is incapable of learning lessons from anything, because he truly thinks he is infallible.

Locally, Scott Walker, for the third time in four years, held off his challenger. The local liberal fish wrapper is careful to say that he basically did it with the same voters who elected him initially in 2010, and confirmed that election by giving him the win in the recall election the following year. Well, duh.

The vote was closer than it should have been, given his opponent has no real governing experience, and no real work experience to speak of - aside from the fact that she presents herself as one brick shy of a load most of the time. The votes she garnered, I think, were not so much for her but against Walker.

It's time for the Republicans to put their votes where their mouths are and get down to business, but not business-as-usual. There's a sense we've chosen the better of two evils, and the elephants have a lot to do to turn around that perception. They need to be a bit canny, since I think we will see a whole slew of Presidential vetoes on things, followed by the Dems whining they can't get anything done because of "obstructionist" Repubs.

Time will tell.

In the meantime, enjoy the 246.5 minutes of political ad free media before the 2016 presidential campaigns gear up.


Anonymous said...

Walker '16.

There. I said it.

Diane said...

So are a lot of people...just not Walker himself. Not yet anyway - he's pretty great at timing those sorts of things.