Friday, March 15, 2013

Barely holding it together

Woke up at 2:56 a.m. again. Really, really fuzzy this morning, and very scattered. Naturally, I come here to record those bits of fluff floating through my mind.

The press is already attacking Pope Francis, I see, for what he did or didn't do or know during the military reign in Argentina beginning in 1976. The press is miffed because the cardinals didn't take their advice and choose a pope with views more in line with "modern" sensibilities, methinks.

Google is retiring their Reader July 1st. NOT happy about that. NOT going to go to some Apple product to keep up on the 75 or so blogs in the feed. Not quite sure what I'm going to do.

Microsoft is sending a message that Hotmail in boxes will soon be converted to Outlook. NOT happy about this either. It isn't that I'm against change itself, it's more that I hate Outlook. If I weren't already mad at Google for discontinuing Reader, I'd switch over and use my gmail account exclusively.

I have no dog in this fight, but I've been seeing a lot of scary information on some of the requirements of the Common Core movement pushed by the Department of Ed. Essentially, it appears they are turning the schools into a massive data mine, collecting information on all aspects of a child's life, except, ironically, what they are actually learning. Michelle Malkin has done a few thought provoking columns on the subject. Search "education" at the link.

It's a bit depressing that it takes only ten minutes, if that, to put away $140 of groceries and sundries. I see that box sizes (I'm looking at you, Mini Triscuits) have shrunk a bit again in an effort to keep prices stable.

For some reason, I've a whole stockpile of confectioners' sugar. Part of the grocery order was a bottle of peppermint extract and some cream cheese. It's time to make cream cheese mints again. The first time I had them was during the between-the-service-and-the-reception session at a friend's wedding a long, long time ago. Theirs were colored pastel pink, green and yellow and pressed in a rose shaped candy mold, but the same basic recipe as the link. Yummy and easy.

The CD cabinet arrived on schedule Wednesday. I've now no excuse to finish up the organizing and cleaning in the studio. The lack of sleep has had me so loopy all week I've done nothing. Finishing up this weekend is imperative, as I will be on vacation the week before Easter and plan to sew, sew, sew. To be in a position to do that guilt-free, I need to clean, clean clean.

This Sunday is Palm Sunday. How did that happen?


Chad Hohner said...

I'm trying Netvibes as a replacement to Google Reader.

Free, just a different layout.

Diane said...

I'll check it out. I like the way reader feeds, & like being able to see when blogs are updated without going to them or having them all on my sidebar. And free is always good!

melissa said...

You know, they say they're discontinuing it for lack of users. I truly doubt that. They have very expensive stock, and figure they're wanting to keep as much of their $ as they can. They already cancelled the use of a background image in their Google homepage. Cheapskates.

And, you have one more Sunday before Palm Sunday. This Sunday is St. Patrick's Day, though! :)

Diane said...

Agh. Last year the pretty Paris calendar I bought for work had the days arranged European style - so the week began with Monday. It took me until SEPTEMBER to read it correctly the first time.

This year, I have one that has New Yorker magazine cartoons. Bit this one puts the description of the holiday ABOVE the day, with a lot of white space in between. Yikes.

At 54, you would think I could read a calendar.

melissa said...

Oh, one more thing, girlfriend. I downloaded Bloglovin for reading blogs and it's working fine. They have a feature that allows you to download your Google reader feeds.

Not as pretty as the Google one, but one feature I like is that that make the posts smokey-looking when you've read them, so you can see which to go to next. Think I'll use them until something prettier comes along. Yeah, I'm lame. :)