Sunday, February 17, 2013

In which it is always darkest before the dawn.

Stupid sewing studio. It's looking, if anything, more as if a bomb were detonated dead center, but spewing cardboard, sewing supplies and miscellany for shrapnel rather than metal.

Except for one, gloriously organized corner of the wall-to-wall-closet.

Bah. I still intend to do a bit of sewing this afternoon, so I'd better hop to it.

Where exactly do you stage the stuff that doesn't belong in the room you are organizing, but as of yet, does not have a home of its own? I'm thinking one of the large plastic bins I've so painstakingly emptied will become the home of temporarily misplaced "stuff". Some truly belongs elsewhere, some is to be donated and some is waiting for a young quilt buddy to pick through.

The rest of the house needs serious attention as well. Naturally, I opted to go to lunch and a movie with a friend yesterday, rather than staying home to clean (Promised Land - eh, don't bother). Although just now I did vacuum the part of the loft I could reach with the vacuum still plugged in in the bedroom (as rather surprising amount of the loft, as it turns out)...

Bit by bit.

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melissa said...

You just need one perfect little spot to finish up (and you likely already have) to sit and relax that doesn't open out on any of your work-to-be-done.

It takes time to set up a house, esp. when you're doing it by yourself. It'll be so pretty when it's done! :)

And you're smart to reward yourself with time away. Take it when it comes!