Friday, February 15, 2013

Company Girl Coffee 021513


Good morning. Where is the coffee? ::slurp:: That's better...

Gosh, this has been a long week. Lots of hours at work, puttering at home. I'm happy to report that I've made real progress on organizing the sewing room. With a bit of luck, I can bring the machine in and set up to sew tonight or tomorrow morning.

The room will be far from complete, however. There are about six boxes of miscellaneous books to be taken upstairs and unpacked into the built in bookcases, as well as about that many boxes of other "stuff that belongs someplace else". Even with that all cleared, the treadle sewing machine (my grandmother's - in a beautiful, recently refinished mahogany cabinet it weighs a ton) needs to be moved to the living room while the four foot bookcase in the living room needs to come in to the sewing room. Then there is a valance to make, patio door curtains to order and lighting to be assessed.

Maybe I'm not as far along as I think, but being set up and able to sew in there will be a huge blessing.

I'm off to Orlando part of next week for a work conference. The conference runs 8 - 5:30 every day, but still - it's Florida. Sunshine, here I come. This is one time my habit of getting up at the crack of dawn should benefit me; I'm not anticipating having any issues with the time change. Still, my head is already starting to ache in anticipation of being stuffed full of .... stuff.

Lunch and movie with a friend tomorrow. Soup making/freezing. Cleaning. Laundry. Packing. Hopefully some sewing. That's my weekend. What's up with yours?


Katharine said...

Oh Florida...sun and heat! Have a fabulous time, and bring back pics!(yes, I'm living vicariously but it February, it's all I've got!lol) Have a wonderful weekend!

melissa said...

I always heard that you should never begin a sewing project with a messy house. Oh, now I get it. THAT'S why I never sew!!! An easy excuse.

Your home sounds as if it's falling into place nicely. More photos, please. :)