Friday, February 08, 2013

A quilter's work is never done

Some progress on the studio. All the fabric is unpacked and organized in two, three-drawer plastic thingees and securely stowed in an accessible corner of the Great Wall O'Closet. The two bins of projects in process have been emptied, assessed and repacked.

Two bins of projects in process...don't judge; all but one of those projects is destined to belong to me when they are finished. The reason they are not finished is that I stopped work in order to make a gift quilt. Most of the projects are at the "put the final border on, layer and quilt" stage.

One "project" is a single length of fabric - pink winged pigs on a pretty blue background. The idea is to make a "when pigs fly" quilt, with blocks printed with all the things I'll do when bacon-on-the-hoof sprout feathers and take to the sky. Another is a stack of musical themed fabric, destined to be a lap quilt.

But the real fun in tonight's organizing was repackaging some swap blocks. Back near the turn of the century (gah, that makes me sound old) I was part of an internet-based group of quilters. We organized several group block swaps. Simply put, you would make X number of blocks of a design that fit the theme and size requirements for the swap, with X being the number of participants. All your blocks went to one person, along with a self-addressed return envelope and a check for approximate return postage. The organizer dealt the blocks out, one of each to each participant and sent a set back to each.

One swap had "fall" as the theme. Any fabric/blocks that reminded you of fall. To my surprise, I was the only one who used any blue in my blocks. The bright blue autumn sky is what makes the oranges, yellows and reds of the trees really "pop", if you ask me.

The second was more wintry in nature. "Stars" for the theme, blue and white for the color scheme.

One more set, this from a quilt retreat held north of Toronto. We made smaller blocks, all the same Maple Leaf pattern in honor of our meeting place. Fall colors.

As with most blocks pieced by different people, they aren't necessarily all the specified size. No matter - I've a couple of very cool setting options that will eliminate those differences. The only problem is that there are so many blocks, the resulting quilts will be huge. Is it wrong of me to think about cherry picking the blocks, using only the best in the quilt? Or should I go the two sided route - use most on the front, and piece the rest into the back?

Decisions, decisions.

No need to worry; with the number of projects in line before these, I have plenty of time to think about it.

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