Thursday, February 07, 2013

Speaking of rain or sleet...

...we've had a bit of both today, though it is now turning over to snow.

Depending on who you believe, we will either get 1) three to five inches, plus an inch or so more if the winds shift and we get lake enhanced snow overnight, or 2) five to seven inches!!! OMG!!! with two or more inches of lake enhanced snow on top of that!!!!!

Yup, we have one meteorologist in town who gets a kick of out forecasting a major snowpocalypse every.single.snowstorm. Since he is right once every ten or so times, they count it as a win and keep forecasting that way.

Our building is up on pilings, with a limited amount of parking available in the surface lot underneath. It's not closed in, but does have the advantage of having the building over it. Technically, I'm supposed to park in the other side of the lot, but one advantage of being here at o-dark-thirty is snagging a covered spot. I'd rather not have to spend my time brushing off the car.

There is a slim chance, but still a chance, we may be sent home early if the snow kicks into high gear this afternoon. We have a number of employees who work forty-five minutes plus away; if only they were allowed to leave because of the conditions, some of the staff would riot.

My own commute, though longer than before I moved, really isn't that bad, particularly if I can take the freeway. The route on surface streets, which you may think would be safer, is fraught with stupid people. Even at twenty miles an hour, the traffic on the highway keeps moving.

I'm thinking a fire and a book for the evening, watching the snow fall on the patio. Or a stint in the sewing room, organizing fabric, with the patio door curtains open so I can watch the snow. Either way, a relaxing night.


melissa said...

Folks who exaggerate make me want to spit. When I read the weather news on Accuweather, they use the most amazing adjectives to describe the up-coming weather.

And here it's in the sixties with the windows cracked open a bit. So varied...but your evening sounds cozy. Very cozy. :)

Diane said...

Well, the fire and book never happened,though a quilt and a couple of tv shows did. Couldn't focus on the book.

Sixties are perfect. We actually had a sixty degree day last week :) Set a new record. That's weather in Wisconsin; it has constant P<S - you never know what to expect.