Monday, February 11, 2013

Just because it's Monday

For your amusement, a photo purloined from a cousin's kid's Facebook feed (who I am not Facebook friends with, which really makes you think about how people you don't know can access personal information about you because people you do know are not as paranoid about internet security and privacy as you are //rant off//):

It's hard to read the date, but I think it says
"Nov 60", which would put me at 22 months old.
So naturally, I'm sharing the picture on a public blog.

What, I should make sense? You're new here, right?

I'm the terrified looking girl in the front row. Maybe not terrified, but certainly looking as if I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop.

"Hey, you over there. I've done what you asked - I'm squished between these two smelly boys and I'm sitting nicely. What is this all about? I'm not real comfortable here, in fact, I'm feeling a real old-school, terrible twos type tantrum coming on; I've only got a couple more months to perfect them. Let me out of here!"

Oddly enough, I've pretty much the same expression on my face through all my childhood pictures. Apparently, I was born suspicious.

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