Tuesday, January 01, 2013

January 1, 2013

The first day of 2013 is pretty much in the books, at least for me. Coffee and journaling in the morning, a visit from a friend, a killer grilled cheese sandwich for lunch, some cleaning, some cooking, a movie and some planning - pretty much a normal day off.

The new year snuck up on me, even though it inevitably arrives at the same time every year. I blame it on longer hours at work, plus the prep for painting. I've not had much time to think through any goals or changes for the next twelve months.

I'm not much for - as another blogger put it - the "woo-woo". You know, the "pick-a-word-for-the-year, create-a-vision-board, keep-a-running-list-of-gratitudes, flavor-of-the-month"  bandwagons that people - especially women in Christian circles - jump on this time of year.

I was in orchestra. When was the last time you saw a violinist marching in a parade?

At the moment, my 2013 plans are scattered and unrelated. I'll set more formal goals later this week, but here's a bit of what's floating around in my head for the coming months:

  • Finally, finally empty out and organize the sewing studio. I've figured out storage solutions for most of the "stuff" (this is the first time I've been able to have all of the "stuff" in one room) and will have the room rearranged and ready to organize before I go back to work next Monday. At a minimum, the machine will be set up and ready to go.
  • Good thing, as one definite goal for the new year is to explore all the functions of the 830. My first embroidery lesson is this Friday. I've been busily downloading the free project patterns from the Bernina website in anticipation of using them to familiarize myself with the various possibilities. I'll post pictures as they are done. In fact, there is a strong possibility that I may hold drawings to give them away...
  • ...because another plan is to declutter in a pretty big way. I've quite a bit of household stuff that I've realized I won't use in the condo (half a dozen nice quilt hangers, some decorating things and more). It's been several years since I've gone through the closet and dresser drawers as well. 
  • Related to the sewing is a plan to finish up all the u.f.o.s (unidentified fabric objects) that are lurking in the sewing "stuff". Only a couple are projects for other people; the majority of the unfinished quilts are for me, laid aside in order to make a gift and never quite finished.
  • Set aside specific times for reading. There are about forty books in the Kindle I've not yet read; books are useless unless someone reads them. Most of them are non-fiction, plus the classics that are part of the read along I'm occasionally taking part in this year.
  • Go back to putting up regular "notes from my quiet time" posts. They help me process; my prayer is that they help you as well.
  • Cook more often, have people over for no reason, build up a stock of games, have the neighbors in,, organize an association picnic.
  • Plant tomatoes in the urns on the patio.
One sure thing to work on is getting enough sleep. With that in mind, I must say - goodnight!

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Ben Stewart said...

Excellent ! Thank you for the good ideas!