Friday, January 04, 2013

Final vacation day

These two weeks haven't been exactly what I envisioned, but pleasant nonetheless. Last week's lesson on the new machine had to be scrapped due to the painting being moved out a day. Today's was scrapped as the quilt shop had a staffing issue. So no lessons at all.

Actually, I'm a bit relieved; I have a huge order coming from Amazon, today, if the shipping notifications are to be believed. Both the UPS and FedEx guys get here about the time I'd be making my way off to Genosee. I'm sure my neighbors will be happy I'm here to take in the boxes.

Just what constitutes a "big" order? Happy organizing things. Several sets of the Sterlite drawer thingees to use in the closet in the studio for stash and stuff storage. A hanging sweater holder and drawers to use likewise. A space heater for the ever-so-chilly living room. A couple of switch plates (I  missed a couple when I counted the first time). Extras of the containers I use to freeze soup.

I need to vacuum the studio and (maybe) put the curtains back up. Then the furniture can be shifted and the great organization project begun.

Though, given the fact the house is not yet completely put back together, I probably should do that stuff first.

It never ends.

I began dreaming about work Wednesday night, which seems unfair. The dreams were expected, but not until at least Friday night. Then there is the odd one...I dreamt (at least I think it was a dream - the memory is so sharp I can't help but wonder if this really happened) of going through a drive through for coffee, then glancing to my right to discover that Dunkin Donuts had a drive through of their own next door. I would rather have gotten my coffee there.

Well, I do use Dunkin Donuts coffee at home, and I'm almost out. Maybe that prompted the dream?

While I finished the I Spy quilt top last Friday, I've yet to layer it up. The batting is relaxing on the couch (unfolded so the creases soften, not watching television with a cold beer in its hand), the backing sitting on the dining room table (see what I mean about needing to put the house back in order?). Maybe I'll get to it later today.

Last night was a cooking night - eight servings of twice baked potatoes for the freezer, and a big batch of Tex Mex soup, some for dinner, most for the freezer. Along with the pumpkin soup from last week, this will give me a good start on grab-and-go lunches. Ideally, I'd like one more batch of some sort of soup or chili to freeze. There's a skillet chicken parmesan recipe I may try for dinner.

Oh - right. A task chair was on the Amazon order as well. At the old place, one chair sufficed as both desk chair and sewing table chair. Those two tables are now separated not only by the length of the house, but two stories. Folding chairs work, but there comes a time when my back rebels.

Enough with the babbling; it's time to finish up some of these tasks. At least the sun is shining...hmmm probably should wash a few windows as well...

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Katharine said...

Don't you just love the big Amazon orders!(the arrival, not the paying)
sounds like you are really getting organized! So glad you enjoyed the Advent book! Happy New Year...