Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Turn around

Whoever designed the "improved" freeway system in this city is a moron.

I had to pick up bagels for the office (I'd rant about how unfair it is for the birthday person to have to treat the office, but  I've been there, done that), so I got on the freeway at a different ramp. Apparently, in order to go north, you have to be in the two right hand (southernmost) lanes, while to go south, you have to be in the two left hand (northernmost) lanes. When I got on, I got in the middle lane (there were only three at that point) and stayed there....and ended up going south.

I got off at the next exit, but could not simply get back on heading the other direction, as I knew that that particular ramp fed only to the westbound lanes of 894. I still needed to go north.

City street back to the on-ramp at 27th. Relief - headed north to go downtown. Only it's been a long while since I took the freeway to work, and it was dark out, and the exit at Tenth Street (half a block from my office) is in a strange spot...

Next thing I know, I'm headed west on 94.

Sigh. Exit on 22nd Street, then head back east to my building.

The designers ("Oh! We MUST have all RIGHT HAND exit ramps!!) were idiots. Yes, it is certainly their fault, and not the fact I'm turning a year older. Oh no, no confusion on my part, simply bad design.


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Robbo said...

Well, happy birthday anyway!