Friday, January 18, 2013

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It's Friday, the day before a long weekend, and we have the go ahead to leave an hour early. Yay! I may either take work home or come in for a bit over the weekend (boo), but for today, I'm content.

While we have no snow on the ground (flurries are rather apathetically floating past the window right now; we aren't supposed to see any accumulation from them) we are going into the deep freeze later Saturday afternoon. I just bought a space heater to use in the living room on those brisk days, as the combination of high ceilings, big glass patio doors and concrete under the carpet make the room just a bit nippy at the best of times.

I'm in an on-line Bible study group through Good Morning Girls, on the first eight chapters of Luke. One of the daily steps is to copy out several verses from the reading. Working on it this morning, doing a rather longer passage (5 verses to copy), I felt a bit of kinship with kids from the past, back when learning to write included doing quite a bit of copying. It slows you down, helps you to notice more about the passage and gives you a chance to think over what you've read.

The coordinator of our Facebook group for the study puts up links to various sermons on the passage we are currently on, and those in the group share their insights. The advantage we have as a group is that we are held together not just by a common interest, but by a common Spirit. This is the second study I've done with this group - a wonderful bunch of women.

I need to catch up on my other reading - I'm going through the Bible again this year, but in a different reading plan. A nice afternoon session with the Bible, a quilt, a fire and a cup (or a pitcher) of hot chocolate should get me caught up.

It's beginning to sound like a delightful weekend. Have a happy one yourselves!

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Rachel Anne said...

I've seen the Good Morning Girls badge on Facebook and it looks like a great group to do a study with. I really like the idea of copying passages...something I have not done in quite awhile. I will start doing it. I'm also reading through the Bible this year...hopefully will be more disciplined than in years past. Having the guide and Bible app on my phone gives me no excuse to falter. Looking forward to a great year.