Wednesday, November 07, 2012

November 7, 2012

A variety of quick takes -

- Locally, the GOP retained complete control of the state government, in spite of the hissy fits thrown by Dems, flights from the state and attempted recalls. Yet the same voters chose Obama, elected Tammy Baldwin (a raving lunatic liberal) to the U.S. Senate and reelected Congresswoman Gwen Moore. I just don't get it.

- One of the local media outlet's web page has a photo gallery on "foods to eat when you are depressed". Chocolate is not on the list, so I doubt its veracity.

- Starbucks has cute mini-shopping bags for the holidays. How do I know? Latte, breakfast sandwich AND a slice of cinnamon swirl coffeecake this morning (cinnamon is also not on the list in the previous point; another proof the list is flawed).

- Gas prices here jumped $0.30 overnight. I'm not surprised at all.

- Doom and gloom aside, God is still in control. This country's greatest need is not for a different president, but for spiritual revival.

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melissa said...

Gas went up....yeah, figured it was a political ploy to get O. to look sympathetic. Brother. Guess that yes, they *are* idiots to fall for it.

Pardon my rudeness. Just fed up, but as you say, God IS in control.