Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Aaaaaannd...cue the nanny state!

A local suburb is contemplating putting a curfew on evening school activities.


The supposed goals are to increase "family time" and encourage time management and decision making.


Bet this gets dropped like a hot potato once they finally realize the impact on their sports programs. It's fine and good to limit drama, music and academic programs, but threaten sports...!

A better way to increase family time is to reduce the amount of homework students are given each night. Take back a couple of those three-hours-a-day-on-average a high schooler (at least an academically committed one) needs to spend on additional classwork, and voila - more family time!

Education reform is desperately needed, but limiting evening activities isn't the answer. The Wauwatosa school board would be better served putting its efforts into improving the quality of teaching and learning, rather than imposing arbitrary curfews.

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