Monday, November 05, 2012

Monday miscellany #13454

Scan - Rover was duly scanned this afternoon, though I'm pessimistic the outcome will be readable. The order was for a CT with contrast, but the tech insisted that the radiologist said the contrast wasn't needed, as this was "just a follow up" and he could tell if anything had changed without the contrast. I questioned her twice on this - this is not an imaging center connected to my primary care doc's office, and I wasn't happy about them changing his orders. After all, back when Rover was first discovered, there wasn't enough detail on TWO x-rays done at different facilities for the radiologist at my doc's to feel confident it wasn't an immediate concern, which is why I had the first CT. If I have to go back and have this scan redone with contrast, heads (and various other body parts) will roll.

To top it off, I didn't realize until I was driving away that they neglected to give me the disk with a copy of the scan. According to the tech, they would fax a written report to my doctor "in a couple of days".

Bottom line: I'm even grumpier than I was before the scan, and will stay grumpy until my doc calls. Grrr.

Elections - Finally, the end is in sight. The people who are excited about Wisconsin being a "battleground state" are out of their minds. Every commercial break for the last two weeks has had at least two - often three - political ads. I'm going out on a limb here and saying that Wisconsin is going to go for Romney. Maybe not by much, but enough to swing our electoral votes his way.

Mastercook - Not Master Chef, Mastercook, the cookbook software I've been using for close to a decade. At the old flat, the room with the desktop computer in it opened directly off the kitchen, mere steps from the stove. In the condo, the desktop is up in the loft, quite a bit further from the kitchen. I tend to do most of my menu planning while watching television in the living room. While I could work from my recipe card file, the software will scale recipes and recalculate the nutritional information if I make changes to ingredients or quantities. I do that fairly often. So - I've downloaded the most current version of Mastercook to the laptop, which lives downstairs. Now I need to figure out how to import my recipes from the usb I've copied them to into the new software...wish me luck.

Busy week ahead. Webinar tomorrow night on the quilting frame available from the company that made my sewing machine. Wednesday emissions test (for the car, not me) and a fix on a headlight recall. In between, lots of work.Next weekend is mid-November already, almost.

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