Sunday, September 02, 2012

Two hours into Operation Brisket; about that much longer to go. The house smells awesome, so much so I'm having trouble not eating everything else in sight as a substitute for the not quite done slab of beef. My body has a shock coming, as none of this is for today.

It's a lazy Sunday, in part as a rest day after yesterday's surge of energy, in part out of necessity. I managed to twist the good ankle in the grocery store parking lot after church, and it's just sore enough to be used as an excuse to flop on the couch watching old episodes of Numbers. Maybe dozing...just a little.

Too bad, as it is a gorgeous day, seventies and sunny. Next week we are up in the mid-eighties again. Someone needs to tell that to the geese. A bakers' dozen of them strutted across the visitor parking area when I came home after church. One can only hope the winter won't be so mild again that they decide to hang around here rather than continue south.

You know how you put off doing something because you think it's going to be complex, but then discover that it is really very easy? Yes, that thing. Why didn't anyone tell me how easy it is to replace a florescent tube?  If you discount having to climb on the step stool, move the plastic drop ceiling sheets out of their places on the grid, climb down with the old tube, up with the new and replace the plastic sheets (after nudging the grid back into place) in their spots, it was actually quite easy. Don't forget the time to more thoroughly clean the corners of the kitchen that merely looked clean when only 3/4 of the lighting was working.

Of course, disposing of the spent tube is a hazardous waste event. Next collection, at State Fair Park in mid October. May as well change out the spent ones in the garage bay overheads before then, get rid of all the old ones at once. Though I shudder to think of what that may bring to light one it's done.

Happy tomorrow is a holiday. I may do my version of sleeping in - going to bed ridiculously early. More puttering on the docket, with a little bit of quilting thrown in for fun. Maybe a road trip, though I am loathe to burn up my half tank of cheap gas, since prices around here are not coming down ($3.99 was the cash price at a local station; credit prices there are generally a nickel to a dime higher).

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