Friday, August 31, 2012

Rushing the season

Geez, people, it's not even the traditional end of summer. My radio station is running a "free Christmas music" promotion this weekend. Now, I love all things Christmas, but this is a bit early. Usually, this station is very sensitive to not rushing things; I wonder what changed?

Blogger is being a bit uncooperative. I've been using the new interface for a number of months, but yesterday switched back to the old temporarily. The new interface would let me disable the comment verification, but not enable it again. So this morning, I switched back to the new; now I cannot use the "compose" tab to write posts, but must use the "HTML" tab. It's messy when uploading photos. It appears paragraph breaks are not sticking, either. Who knows what is up with the vanishing nav bar...

Long weekend ahead. I'd like to take some stuff to Goodwill, clean the basement, clear at least a dozen boxes from the sewing studio and pre-cook some yummies for a dinner party coming up in a couple of weeks. The cooking will be done, at least; a very large beef brisket is taking up valuable refrigerator real estate and needs evicting.

It's time to look at hardware store sale ads. I've narrowed down my choice of ladder (this one, or possibly its thirteen foot cousin; I need to figure out the height of the wall in the loft and the reach of my duster in order to decide). Then there are more vanity lights and ceiling fans to look at before making a final plan. Ack. I do so much better when I only have two or three possible choices.

Early release, er, half day today. We've the go ahead to leave an hour early as it is the day before a holiday, but I feel guilty enough that my half day ends at 10:30. Not that I'm exactly being productive...

Have a wonderful weekend, all!

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