Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Rainy days and...Wednesdays...always get me down

That's a lie. I actually like both rainy days and Wednesdays very much. It's just the combination, at this particular point in time, is less than optimal.

Over the weekend I finally spent a bit of time tidying in the basement, including cutting down a bunch of boxes and packaging a lot of cardboard for today's recycling pick up. As a result, I have a massive, overflowing box full of (wait for it) cut down boxes almost blocking the basement door.

Naturally, with rain forecast overnight I did the good neighbor thing and didn't put the cardboard out last night, sparing everyone the sight of soggy, deteriorating wood pulp this morning. Unfortunately, there was more rain forecast for late morning, so the cardboard is still sitting in my basement.

What do I get for this altruism? That particular storm system "fell apart". The next round of rain won't enter our area until late afternoon - around the time I will be leaving work, as a matter of fact.

This happens every.single.time I have a stack of cardboard for recycling.

I give up. It's time to find out where the Greenfield city dump is, and whether or not they take recyclables as well. Meantime, if anyone needs cardboard, of any size, drop me a line.


Janis Gore said...

Crap. I need a few of those boxes.

Janis Gore said...

Never mind. I found some at the liquor store.

Great moving boxes. Never too heavy, even filled with books.

Diane said...

They are one of the best sources for boxes! These are mostly Amazon and JCP boxes. The good moving boxes are flattened, and a friend is taking most of them. I still have a couple dozen (at least) to empty...I've been here a year, almost. Sigh.

Janis Gore said...

My brother lives in an apartment on Main Street in Natchez. The property manager recently installed the best-looking faucet with a gooseneck and integral spray head. It's a Moen. Brushed nickel.

Diane said...

I've seen those. The faucet in the kitchen is one of those high-arch things. While is is very pretty (and also brushed nickel), it leaks horribly where the shaft joins the socket at the sink. Because the sink is a divided one, the faucet is moved back and forth quite a bit, which loosens it. You can only go so tight before you start stripping it. When I finally remodel the kitchen, I don't want a divided sink (too small), and certainly not one of those high-arch, just-for-looks faucets. The ones with the integrate sprayers look much more functional...and by the time I have the cash to remodel, they should have aaalllll the bugs worked out.