Saturday, September 08, 2012

Rumors of my death

Are only exaggerated a little. I need to stop drinking the water from the water cooler at work; people who come in to work with colds invariably snug their germ infested water bottles directly up to the spout, thereby guaranteeing the most efficient and rapid deployment of their snotty diseases.

Why yes, I've been sick. Thanks to the incredibly healthy eating plan I've been following for the last couple of months, I seem to be recovering more rapidly than I would otherwise. In just a few days I've gone from cough-of-death-every-thirty-seconds to violent-coughing-jag-at-irregular-intervals-approximating-three-hours. Blessedly, the cough has not kept me up at night.

It has, however, kept me from doing pretty much everything else. It's almost 4 p.m. on Saturday, and the only things I've done since I came home from work on Thursday are nap, cough, go to my hair appointment this morning and break loose one window from the death grip of paint the maintenance company applied when they painted the building last month.

One down, five to go. Good thing there aren't that many windows in this place. Thank heaven even these overzealous painters couldn't paint shut the two sets of patio doors.

It is a glorious weekend - sixty-eight and sunny right now. There's a small chance of showers later today, but tomorrow is supposed to be clear and comfortable as well. If it could stay like this until it snows (three inches only, and only on Christmas Eve) it would be wonderful.

Maybe I'll start pulling out the fall decor this evening...I think I know where a good chunk of it is hiding, as I put some of it out when I moved in last fall. Next Saturday will be the one year anniversary of closing on the condo; time really flies.

Having been here a year, I suppose it's time to start knocking off some of the projects. Or more accurately, paying someone else to do some of them for me. Fortunately (for me, not for him, necessarily) a friend and his family moved back to town, and he is having trouble finding work. He also remodels houses...for fun. I'm hoping to hire him for three days or so, to rebuild some steps, mount some closet doors and change out a few lights. I want to do some of the work myself (putting the coats of polyurethane and the non-skid mats on the finished stairs, staining the closet doors before they are hung), and right this instant my energy level is pretty depleted by the cough...but if he's available now, I'd rather pay him to do it than someone else.

I'd better start work on those other windows while there is still daylight...would be nice to open them on such a pretty day...


Janis Gore said...

It's a glorious day here. I have all the windows wide open.

Well, except for the one that Jason damaged the screen on wehn he installed his room air conditioner. (He thought we kept the central air too warm.)

Have I told you I don't like kids today?

Diane said...

It sounds like the kids haven't exactly made it easy to like them, lately.