Monday, September 10, 2012

Well, that explains a lot

Sunset, which I thought was around 8:15, is apparently about an hour earlier than that. Hmpf. It didn't ask my permission to change. One more sign that autumn (and winter after it, alas) is on the way.

More distressing is that sunrise is so much later; I really think I may need to use the headlights again in the morning.

Like the squirrels gathering their nuts (I almost hit one on the way to church yesterday; it was crossing the road with a what looked like an entire unpeeled horse chestnut in (well, mostly out of) its mouth), it's time to prepare for winter. Have the coat cleaned, wash the mittens, find the snowbrush. So much better to do those things now, than have to scramble at the first snowfall.

This year, I'm going to be a bit more diligent preparing the patio for winter as well. More accurately, preparing it for next spring. Things need to be moved around, some old stuff trashed and the place generally made ready to be prettied up in the spring. This summer was so beastly hot I spent almost no time out there. If I can get the sewing room mostly done over the winter, it will be nice to get the patio spiffed up in the spring. Though given the state of my one, lonely, neglected house plant I'm not sure I can be trusted with any more vegetation.

Speaking of which, I intend to take a judicious pruner to the ugly arborvitae in front of the condo. It is neither as little nor as well pruned as the linked image. Technically, the condo association's landscapers are responsible for trimming. I'm a bit concerned about stray branches poking my guests in the eyes, however, so I may sneak out under cover of (earlier than I thought) darkness to cut it back a bit. It can be taken out and replaced with something my expense, of course. Add that to the list.


Aileen Collins said...

You captured every sentence perfectly. Hoping to see some photos of your condo too. :)

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