Friday, May 25, 2007

The list

Are you a list-maker? The very act of putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) helps me remember things, whether it is a list of projects to complete or groceries to buy. I may have mentioned before that I am intensely visual; my memory is not truly photographic, but images stay with me for a long time. So, here is a list of things I'd like to do/should do in the next week:

  1. Renew library card Did this on the way home!
  2. Check out a whole boatload of fun books Ditto! Well, "boatload" is exaggerating a bit, since it was only four: two rereads (because they are LOL funny, and I need to wind down) and two by a favorite local author that I haven't had a chance to read yet. Those, along with the paperback someone at the office gave to me, should last me the weekend. No, I'm not kidding about that. And yes, I will sleep/bathe/eat/go to church and otherwise interact with people over the weekend as well.
  3. Speed-clean the house tonight for tomorrow's final Saturday morning Bible study We ended up canceling - two of the five of us would be gone, and since this is the last study (at least for the summer) it would be nice to have everyone here. Um - that's not to say I ONLY clean for Bible study, it's just not quite as much of a priority if company is not imminent.
  4. Change the porch decor from spring stuff to summer stuff
  5. Finally finish odd partially-on-line mystery video game
  6. Take drapes and skirt back to Penney's (didn't like the color on either)
  7. Finally take mason jars to Goodwill
  8. Clean out interior of car
  9. Take a nap, or several
  10. WASH CAR! Driving through and parking near a construction zone has turned my little black car into something resembling a cheetah - seriously. Tan dust on black car + drizzly rain = spotted car
  11. Go to the lakefront, sit on beach, watch waves and read
  12. If it's too cold to sit on the beach, sit at Alterra, outside on the sheltered patio, watch the waves and read
  13. Reconnect with people - Holly, Renae, Connie, Elyssa, Kara, Anna, Bette, Betty, Sue, Grace - anyone else interested, give me a holler in the comments and let me know when you are available
  14. Help my friend Grace pack for her family's move to a wonderful new house
  15. Check out the West Allis Farmer's market, which opens for the season this weekend, for beautiful flowers that I can kill gently nurture
  16. Set up an "old movie" night
  17. Put the binding and label on Kara's quilt
  18. Put borders on Civil War and Irish Chain quilts, piece respective backings and layer
  19. Make the super-dooper, super-secret gift for friend Pam's birthday
  20. Figure out how to quilt violets quilt and bear paw quilt
  21. Somewhere around Tuesday night, go to library for more books So, OK - it's Wednesday night and I haven't done this yet. But I have finished all four books, and half of a (non-fiction) book on-line, AND about a third of a book on tape. My eyes need a rest.
  22. Decide which outstanding projects to piece this summer Better than that, I've started them. Or, more accurately, picked them up again.
  23. Make Grace's totebag
  24. Er...look at the Christmas vacation list and clean up outstanding items that really need to be done
  25. Bring up the little grill and fire it up - brats, anyone?
  26. Do more than just dust the guitar
  27. Celebrate Emily's high school graduation
  28. Plug my ears so I don't hear the IRL racing at the Mile on June 3rd (don't ask)

I'm sure there's more, and it's difficult to list out the fun stuff...but I'm sure there will be more of that than this list seems to show.

Better get started on the first book...

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