Friday, May 25, 2007

Ready, set, RELAX!

That's how the last few weeks have felt: rush, rush, worry, rush to get things done at work, in order to take a week off. After which, of course, it will be rush, rush, worry, rush to get caught back up.

But as of half an hour ago, I am officially on vacation. What's that? Where am I going? Er - nowhere. My current flat broke appliance-repair bankrupted under-funded state is keeping me fairly close to home. No big deal, particularly since I have the place to myself until Tuesday or Wednesday, since the people upstairs DID go somewhere for their vacation. I rather like the quiet.

So, what am I doing? Anything I darn well please. I'm sure there will be a list of fun things to do, mixed with some necessary errands. Just expect this one to be much shorter, with lots of "sit at the beach and read", "sit on the porch and read" and "sleep a really long time" entries.

Oddly enough, you can expect more posts than usual. A number of things have been wandering around in my mind (no cracks about the space available up there, thank you) that I'd like to put down in cyberspace. A few are related to Notes from the Quiet Time files, one or two are gentle rants, a few have no relation to anything. Read or not, as you wish.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

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