Monday, April 30, 2007

Light my fire?

The ignitor on the gas dryer went out on Saturday, in the middle of a smallish load of bath towels. Sigh. The lonely Maytag repairman is coming on Friday to fix it; assuming I'm right in my diagnosis (and I am, trust me), he was able to give me a quote including labor and parts.

Given that my washer and dryer are 30+ and 25+ years old, respectively, I've developed a bit of a relationship with the LMRM. Not that they break down often - the (original) washer motor was replaced six years ago, a small plastic part (the ONLY plastic part) on the washer replaced two years ago, two ignitors on the dryer over the same fifteen year period - just enough that I know who to call. Even with the cost of the repairs over the years, I'm below what I would pay for a new, cheap set.

And heaven knows, new ones would not last thirty years.

So, the LMRM is coming over late Friday afternoon. Thank heavens he is nothing like Jesse White.

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