Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I'm tired. Not just the didn't-sleep-well kind of tired (although that is part of it), but the bone-deep weariness that comes from a full mind, heart and schedule. Tired of solving everyone's problems at work, tired of the daily routine of house and home, tired of still feeling like a stranger in a church I've been attending for six months, tired of struggling with anything that requires energy, due to a medical issue that is in the process of being fixed. (nothing serious; easy fix, but I haven't pushed my doctor enough on it)

Would anyone like to finance a month-long Bahamas vacation for me?

It was worth a try.

At some point, there are a few things I've read lately I'd like to expand on here, when my mind clears and I can write in complete sentences again. In the meantime...

See Theosobes for a great discussion on the nature of forgiveness - be sure to read the full comment stream as well. The question: Does the person who wronged you need to ask your forgiveness in order for you to truly forgive them? In other words, is it a bilateral action - they ask, you forgive - or can it be unilateral - you forgive them whether or not they ask for it?

Tony has a thought-provoking post on wisdom, and another that is an observation of what seems to be a common problem with churches these days - not taking Scripture as authoritative (regardless of what their statement of faith says).

So, go read and think. I'll join you when my mind clears.

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