Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Bits and pieces

  • For the first time in forever, I actually planned and cooked a real meal. Lemony mushroom chicken, with a side of broccoli. The chicken is basically dredged in flour, sauteed in an oil/butter mix, then set aside while you cook the mushrooms, and create a sauce with chicken broth, white wine, lemon juice and a bit of garlic. Thicken a bit, then throw the chicken back in and cook until done through. I forgot what a good cook I am.
  • I'm still in limbo over the 36 week discipleship class at church. The books have not yet arrived, so we still don't have an official start date. I'm pretty anal, and like to be able to plan things out well in advance. We only get three absences (of any sort) for this class, or we have to start over.
  • God is so good - the dryer repair will tighten the budget a bit for the month, but not as badly as I anticipated. It helps that the freezer and pantry are fairly well-stocked for a change.
  • Nineteen work days until vacation. Woo hoo!
  • Both of the rather intensive Bible studies I'm in are coming to a close - our Thursday group should finish the study on spiritual warfare by the end of May, and our Saturday study in Ephesians should finish the first week in June. While it has been a period of intense spiritual growth, that is the last time I do two precept-style studies concurrently. Otherwise, my head may explode.
  • It's going to rain and be cold all week. But the weekend forecast is for sunny and 75 degrees both days.

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