Sunday, January 28, 2007

Call me, don't be afraid to just call me...but expect to be sent to voicemail

I've whined before about the less-than-stellar service I've received from Cingular. Well, no more; as of yesterday, I've finally changed wireless companies. I have a new plan, a new phone (so new the store had only just received that model the previous week) and a new freedom. I'm ditching the land line as of Monday.

But don't expect to get directly through on the cell number. The utter lack of etiquette in cell phone users frustrates the daylights out of me. Expect the phone to be off/silent and your call to go to voicemail when I am:

- At work
- In church
- At the movies
- Out with friends, or for that matter, with any live person
- At the mall, grocery store or other public place if I can identify the call as coming from my doctor's office or some other source where I want to keep the conversation private
- Any other time taking a call would be rude, intrusive or inconvenient, for me or anyone around me

But I do check voicemail regularly.

Oh - one last thing: Do not under any circumstances give my number out without talking to me first (this means you, Mom).

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