Monday, January 29, 2007

Then again... know, I'm not really much of a "phone person". It's much better for me to talk to you face to face;I crave the visual cues that are so much a part of communication. I can't do much of anything else when I'm on the phone; I'm as centered on the conversation as if we were sitting together having coffee. I love you, but if we're going to spend two hours talking, I'd much rather do it someplace where we can see one another, and a nice waitress refills my drink and brings us nachos.

The phone in the house I grew up in was located on the wall in the kitchen, in a spot where in order to have any privacy at all, you had to take the handset into the bathroom. The cord could reach, but my mom's constant admonition was "don't stretch out the cord!" Even if you could manage to use the bathroom as a private phone booth, someone invariably had to use the facilities while you were talking. Hopefully, it wasn't you.

All of this led to an almost fanatical desire on my part to keep my telephone conversations private.

What am I really saying here? Darned if I know. All I know for sure is that I've been on the phone since I got home - part business, three long calls from friends. Not much has gotten done in that time.

How about you? What are your phone habits like? Can you not breathe unless you have a phone to your ear? Can you spend long hours talking? Do you let everything go to voicemail and return calls as you chose (or not)? Leave your answers in the comments.

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