Thursday, December 07, 2006

T3 - Mixed Bag Edition

Via Terry -

We call it Potpourri, because it gives a high-tone air to the place and makes it seem much more uppity than just "Pile of Junk."


1) Have you ever been removed from a public conveyance for breaking rules regarding passenger behavior, such as Miss Windybritches on the DC-Dallas flight?

2) What is the latest movie you've seen (theater, broadcast, or video) and how did you like it?

3) What is your favorite soft drink?

And since these are all so pitiful, we'll even throw in an extra question that you can use as a substitute or as a bonus question--

4) Who do you consider to be the worst United States President in your lifetime?

There now--take that box full of odds-and-ends and see what you can do with it!

1. I've never been removed from a public conveyance for breaking wind rules. I have, however, left the room because someone else (usually the dog) has broken wind rules.

2. Via Blockbuster by Mail - Fun with Dick and Jane, the Jim Carrey and Tea Leone version. It's a tale of corporate corruption, the plight of the little guy and the revenge of the oppressed. The best part? At the beginning of the credits, you see "The producers would like to thank the following:", followed by a list that includes Enron, WorldComm, Tyco and Arthur Andersen. I laughed more at that than at the rest of the movie.

3. Don't drink them at all. The fizz always goes up my nose.

4. I'd have to pick two - Carter for lack of ability and Clinton for the overall sleaze factor.

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