Wednesday, December 27, 2006

On the sixth day of Christmas vacation, my true love gave to me... at-home work day. I spent most of yesterday afternoon/early evening out with friends, not doing much around here. It's time to buckle down. Flylady's fifteen minute cleaning increments work well for me on days like this: Clean a specific room for fifteen minutes, then go back to sewing for forty-five minutes. Lather, rinse and repeat until the house is clean.

Looking at things in smaller chunks rather than the whole is something I've had to work at, both at work and in other areas of life. It can be so overwhelming to look at the whole project at once. I've been cursed with the ability to instantly see everything that would need to be done for a given task; seeing all the details flood in at once is pretty daunting. Setting them down on a list/timetable, and only looking at them one at a time, really helps me focus on what needs to be done now, rather than on the million things that eventually need to be done.

That is, of course, different from actually getting them done. I'd better hop to it!

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