Monday, December 25, 2006

On the fifth day of Christmas vacation, my true love gave to me...

...five golden rings, if I can finish even part of what I plan to accomplish over the next two weeks. A rather compressed list follows (the real list is three handwritten, double-sided pages in extreme detail), which I'll update as I can.

In reverse order of both fun and priority:

- Thoroughly clean one room a day. This is the big, once-a-year cleaning. So, I only pulled apart two rooms, but did do the regular cleaning for the rest. The house actually looks pretty good (even when the sun shines in!)
- Do the same for the pantry.
- Sort through ALL clothes, dealing with them as appropriate.
- Wash all washable curtains. Vacuum the drapes.
- Polish the silver (I actually enjoy doing this - strange, but true).
Financial/paperwork stuff:
- Input/update Quicken
- Balance any bank statements hanging around
- Prepare and enter a 2007 budget
- Close out 2006 (obviously not until next week)
- Back up files
- Put new insurance card in wallet (I said this was detailed)
- Submit final 2006 flex reimbursement
- Start new data table for 2007 Christmas cards
- File the "file pile"
- Go through file cabinet and have a shredding party
- Pull year end retirement statements and update spreadsheet
Software/electronic stuff:
- Call support for Acrobat(won't run, won't delete and won't update)
- Figure out what's up with ipod It really is a hardware problem and it needs to go in :^(
- Order printer ink
- Fix antenna for the stereo
- Continue loading church directory info into the Palm
Miscellaneous other paperwork & stuff:
- Thank you cards
- Mail thank you cards
- Needles to Janis ( I haven't forgotten!)
- Get more stamps
- Hang picture from Mom
- Renew library card
- Take mason jars to Goodwill
- Take old paint to city yards
- Cook for freezer?
- Put together cookie jars
- Work on both Bible studies
Quilting projects:
- Put final borders on Civil War and Irish Chain quilts
- Piece backings for Civil War and Irish Chain quilts
- Finish quilting, bind and wash Pam's runner
- Press top of 1930's quilt
- Find and piece backing for 1930's quilt
- Layer 1930's quilt
- Quilt 1930's quilt
- Quilt, bind and wash 1930's quilt BEFORE Kara goes back to school
- Quilt OTHER 1930's quilt Close enough to done to call this one
- Applique winter sweatshirt
- Make totebag for Grace
- Mess around with quilting software - design quilts to use up fabric stash
- Just sit and go through quilt books
- Put together scrapbook of fall cabin trip
Fun people/stuff:
- Meet people for coffee/lunch/movies/shopping: Debbie, Grace, Renae, Elyssa, Connie, Joy, Betty, Patty, Georgianne, Holly
- 40% off all fabric at QS in Genosee - Woo hoo!
- Go explore Trader Joe's again
- Have group over to play games

That's some of it...some people take vacations to rest. Then there's me. Working is much less stressful.

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