Thursday, December 28, 2006

On the seventh day of Christmas vacation, my true love gave to me..

...a cancelled lunch date, but a sparkly-clean bathroom. Who knew the smallest room in the house had the greatest number of built-in cabinets to be emptied, wiped down and refilled?

The only time I left the house yesterday was to move the car to the other side of the street. In addition to the antiseptically clean bathroom, I managed to finish this ( warning: really bad picture. Santa forgot to bring me a real digital camera):

You get the general idea - a table runner with three star blocks, the center of each composed of teeny tiny (1/2" finished) little squares. The quilting is pretty simple, although the outer border is quilted around with some nifty, fun to sew leaves. I finished the quilting and put on the binding yesterday.

Since lunch was scrapped, I spent extra time at Panera this morning writing out thank you cards. I need one address, and the stamps (could you find your mailing supplies at six o'clock in the morning? Neither could I) and they will be ready to mail. I stopped at Target on the way home for paper goods and tried to stop to renew my library card (the library apparently doesn't open until noon on Thursday). The chicken chili I made yesterday is ready to be put in freezer containers, and the bathroom floor needs a second coat of Mop & Glo. Life may not be exciting at the moment, but it's been rather productive.

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