Saturday, December 30, 2006

On the remaining days of Christmas vacation...

...I'm just whittling away at the list and enjoying the company of good friends. It's hard to believe I really don't have to go back for another week - not that I'd willingly go back early, though.

The house is still in the throes of the disorganization that is part of deep cleaning. The kitchen is almost done; I got sidetracked the last couple of days working on a small 1920's reproduction quilt (NOT the 1930's quilt on the list, however). There is a point when quilting a quilt that it starts developing a character of its own: the hills and valleys created by the quilting stitches combine with the value changes in the fabrics to create a unique landscape. I'm at that point on this quilt, and don't want to stop until it is done.

New Year's Eve will be spent quietly at home; the next day is the party day. Signs of incipient old age, maybe? I'm pretty much useless by 10 p.m. - never stayed up really late even as a college student.

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