Friday, December 01, 2006

Has anyone seen my toes?

Anyone? They seem to have frozen off. As soon as the snow stopped around noon, the clouds went away, the sun came out and the temperature dropped. Brrr.

The snowplow made it down our street about five minutes before I went out to move the car. I'd been out earlier to shovel a bit and brush off of it, but wanted to wait until the plows came through on the other side of the street before actually moving and reparking. Nice plan, poor execution. The city used one of the v-bladed plows, so the piles were on both sides of the street, right up to the side of the car.

The snow on the passenger side (parked on the left side of the one-way street last night) was pretty much up to the top of the wheel well. Dug that out and about three feet in front of it, in a triangle back to the driver's side front wheel. Hopped in, fired her up, backed a bit and pretty much drove out (so ok, I did have to back up again and get more of a running start, but whatever works).

It is picture-postcard pretty outside: bright blue sky with just a few puffy white clouds, tree branches laden with snow, the sun glinting off the still-pristine surfaces. Right now, at this moment, winter is really a wonderland.

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