Friday, December 01, 2006

Snow day!

Hurrah - snow day!

At 4 a.m. I looked out and saw a light dusting on the cars/grass/sidewalk. At 5:30, it was already a couple of inches deep. The weatherpeople were right, and are now predicting 8 - 11" for our area.

My landlady just came in the back door - bless her, she went out to shovel since she thought I was going to work, and the neighbor brushed off what was on my car for the same reason. We need a better communication system...I never heard her go out and should have saved her the trouble. Our small group of neighbors (only four houses on our side of the block) tend to do things for each other that way. If you're on a roll shoveling the sidewalk, why stop at your own property line? May as well keep going. There's a small eight unit apartment building at the end of the block; one of the tenants leaves each morning shortly after I do, and I've brushed her car off anonymously a couple of times - it's fun to do things that way.

Time for breakfast, to build up strength for the shoveling sessions.

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