Tuesday, October 03, 2006

This week can't be over soon enough.

It is only Tuesday, right?

On Monday, first thing, we were notified that one of the campus public safety officers had died. He had contracted some sort of intense respiratory illness the week after Labor Day, and had been in the hospital ever since. He was only 42. Rest in peace, Paul.

Later Monday afternoon, our comptroller (our area's "big boss") came around asking everyone to gather in the conference room - no need to bring anything. She announced that she is leaving the University, effective the end of the month. She's been with us for eighteen months, making a HUGE difference in the atmosphere of the office. I have both learned much from her and enjoyed working with her. She will be sorely missed.

On a personal work note, a meeting notification popped up on my calendar for four full days of "training" on the yet-to-be-installed new fund-raising software. This is in addition to the TWELVE meeting notifications I received last week, for various times in October and November. The bottom line? During the twenty working days left in the month, I have two days of class, four days of "training", a day and a half of meetings and a week of vacation, leaving me six and a half days to get all the rest of my work done for the month. Oh - and to start the FY06 tax returns as well.

Can I go hide under a rock?

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