Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Cingular woes

One of the things I need to do whilst on vacation later this month is shop for a new cell service. I've been switched - involuntarily - to Cingular twice now, with shockingly bad customer service each time. Now, however, they are planning to extort extra money from those of us who were involuntarily (it's not my fault!) switched from ATT Wireless.

It seems Cingular doesn't want to pay to maintain the analog system they acquired in the buyout. It's no secret that they have been providing crappy service to former ATT Wireless customers as the system ages; there is a class action suit underway on our behalf.

A letter came a few days ago stating that Cingular would be completely dropping the system by 12/31/07, and by that time we need to be switched to their network. OK, we knew this was coming...

But if we didn't switch sooner, we would be charged an additional $4.99 per month (which, with all the federal/state/local taxes charged comes out closer to $5.84) for the privilege of having crappy service. Since they are not doing any maintenance on the system, just exactly what/who are the funds for? Hmmm?

This rant brought to you courtesy of Raised-Hackle Tuesday.

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