Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Locked out

A couple of years ago, a stupid woman in Washington state who happens to have the same name as I was trying to get a credit card with a company I happened to also use. Through a fortuitous accidental opening of an apparent spam e-mail (thank You, Lord) I discovered that she had put the application through on-line, using my e-mail address.

I was able to get her phone number (her son had written to the cc company asking why the application wasn't approved yet, and the cc company replied to the address they were originally supplied with - mine), and called her to try to straighten the whole thing out. Dim woman insisted - very vocally - that my e-mail address at hotmail was the one she had been using for years.

Except I've had that account since 1994.

Afterwards it dawned on me that her e-mail was probably at msn, not at hotmail, leading to her confusion. No, I wasn't nice enough to call her back and point that out.

All this is lead-in to telling you that I was locked out of my hotmail account this morning for "too many attempts to access the account with an incorrect password". I had to reset the password.

It could be some sort of computerized e-mail virus mass-mail thing, but a small part of me wonders if a dim-witted woman named Diane is sitting at her computer in Washington, cussing out a credit card company for not responding to her e-mails.

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