Saturday, July 01, 2006


That would be how long it takes to view an entire day of 24 on DVD. The whole "events occur in real time" premise did nothing for me back when the show first premiered; and to be honest, based on his prior roles I couldn't envision Kiefer Sutherland as a hero rather than a villain, psycho or weirdo.

Terry's ongoing updates this last season piqued my interest; I added Day One to my Blockbuster on-line queue, primarily to watch/listen to while working on quilts.

It's been a very productive month for quilts.

I finished Day One, and am well into Day Two. Some observations:

  • Regardless of political affiliation, David Palmer was portrayed as a candidate/President more concerned with doing the right thing than the political thing. Obviously, the scriptwriters have wild imaginations.
  • Kim Bauer is a skank, and a stupid one at that. She improves slightly in Day Two, at least at the beginning, but seems to serve no purpose other than to distract her father and provide alternate storylines to show to cover transportation sequences in the main storyline.
  • Kiefer Sutherland is pretty hot.
  • A couple of the villains-in-disguise were pretty easy to pick out: I had Nina pegged from the start (although the writers almost had me believing the mole was George), and what's his name from the Sentinel playing Kim's friend's father was obviously a baddie from the beginning.
  • While Senator Palmer tried to run his campaign with some integrity and honesty, everyone at the CTU seemed to be keeping secrets from each other. And what's with the calling each other when you're standing five feet apart?
  • Kiefer Sutherland is pretty hot.
  • It seems more than a bit unrealistic that anything got done without all the various local, state and federal law enforcement agencies having major, time-wasting arguments about jurisdiction, but that's the wonder of television (and a twenty-four hour action premise).
  • How is it that in spite of having his family kidnapped, being forced to attempt to assassinate a Presidential candidate and running for more than twenty-four hours without sleep, Jack is still unfailingly polite to his superiors? Well, except for the whole blackmailing George thing...
  • L.A traffic is a whole lot easier to deal with when you have fleet of helicopters at your disposal.
  • Good grief, why on earth did President Palmer take his ex-wife back into his confidence? I wonder who the writers modeled the scheming, super-political, super-ambitious Sherry Palmer on?

    All in all, I'm enjoying it. It seems to be serving its purpose - I've finished piecing two quilt tops, started piecing a third and may cut out a fourth yet this weekend. I'd be further along if I didn't keep stopping to actually look at the television; have I mentioned that Kiefer Sutherland is pretty hot?

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