Sunday, April 23, 2006

Barn raising

Or rather, Cabin in a Cabin, to give it the official name. I had the pleasure today of taking a quilt class with the same teacher who nine years ago revolutionized the way I machine quilt. I think the reason her methods and teaching were so successful with me is that her original training was as an engineer: yes, we are both nerds.

The picture isn't the greatest, but this is a little rust colored barn with a light brown roof, dark gold door and a golden light in the window. Must be the late milking time.

They are amazingly fast and easy to make, once you know Jan's tricks. The finished quilt is quite cute - a whole village of cabins. I may not get that far - I completely finished two blocks in the six hour class (less the hour for lunch), as well as two additional cabin centers. It doesn't sound like much, but a substantial amount of the time was taken up with the initial cutting of the little pieces for the cabin, and the demonstration of the sewing. I will probably complete four more blocks for a total of six: with a border, it will make a nice little hanging to rotate with the one currently in the kitchen.

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