Friday, April 21, 2006

It's all about the swag...

When did wedding showers become so much more about the swag than the couple?

A dear friend had the first of several wedding showers thrown for her today. We arrived, had a little punch, ate a little, and then got right down to unwrapping the gifts. Not that there is anything wrong with gifts, but aren't showers supposed to be about something more? Where are the "showers of blessings", the opportunity for the couple to share how they met and fell in love, for the guests to share their favorite stories about the bride- or groom-to-be?

So maybe I'm a little jaded; I can't tell you how many of these things I've attended, for friends, family, children of friends and family... Once upon a time there seemed to be at least a courtesy nod to interacting with the bride on a more personal level at these things, rather than just opening gifts and checking to see if they've received everything on the registry.

So - for future reference - when the time comes, I don't want gifts of more "stuff". I would much rather have your presence in my life, your gift of time. Take us out for a picnic, offer Godly counsel, pray for us regularly.

Leave the swag for the pirates.

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