Saturday, March 25, 2006

Was Granny a secret Nazi?

Janis left a comment and a link in the post below about a surprising pattern that showed up in an old quilt. The block pattern is almost identical to the one at the left. The name is Swastika Patch. The reference I have says one of the earliest publishing of the pattern was in the Ladies' Arts Company catalogue in the 1922 issue. Based on their numbering system, this particular block was one of the first new ones in the 1922 issue, so may have been around since shortly after the publishing of the previous catalogue in 1906.

Quilters draw inspiration for patterns from all sorts of things - nature, geometrical shapes, the arrangement of tiles on the bathroom floor...the swastika symbol has been around for a very long time, and some enterprising quilter wanted an easy to piece block - voila.

Thanks for the heads up, Janis!

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