Friday, March 17, 2006

On the money

I found this article on interesting, and may even stay up to catch Nightline and the rest of the interview.

Kirk Cameron, once one of the stars of Growing Pains and now a born-again Christian evangelist shares on Nightline tonight why he's doing what he's doing. I thought this quote was right on the money:

Cameron says that he is producing the show because he objects to the way
many churches present the Christian faith. He believes that Christianity has
become just another ideology that is used to indulge personal interests and
contains little of the original message of repentance and faith.

"Much of the modern message seems to revolve around get what's yours in
Christ today. They say, 'If you say this little prayer then all is well' and
you'll know health, wealth, prosperity, everything you could ever want. That's
not the truthful message of Christ."
The Christian church is rapidly moving toward a more ecumenical stance, embracing the philosophy of "majoring on the majors and minoring on the minors." They are "marketing" Jesus, and as everyone knows, you have to put a positive spin on things in order to successfully market your product. Talking about sin is too harsh, so it is dropped from the gospel presentation. You're told you "need" Jesus - but not the real reason why. The CFABM is firmly on this path. People think they've been saved by faith, but with no concept of sin - or the real reason Christ died for them - there is no real salvation.

While I'm sure the interviewer on Nightline will be clueless, it seems worth tuning in for Kirk's comments.

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