Thursday, March 09, 2006

Honestly, I didn't mean to cause a problem!

Honesty sometimes causes a dither.

Yesterday after work I picked up refills of three prescriptions. Very early this morning I discovered that instead of a thirty day supply on one of the scripts, they had given me a sealed bottle of 90. Check the personalized label - hmm, that says quantity: thirty. Gaze blearily into the bottle and start to count; quit at fifteen after deciding there really are ninety pills in there.

This afternoon I called the pharmacy to let them know, and to find out if they want a return (less the pill I had to take this morning), or how they wanted to handle the reduction of the number of my refills and the paying of the co-pay. Neither the tech nor the pharmacist was entirely sure. The pharmacy manager is off today, and they promised me a call back from him tomorrow. It's complicated, since my insurance company is a little bit rigid in their thinking and reimbursement policies. It will throw them into a dither (or more likely a tantrum) if the pharmacy tries to submit now for the other two refills. Since my copay on this drug is rather high as it is, I really don't want to know what the retail price is, much less be forced to pay it.

From the sound of it, the pharmacy manager should know what to do, and has the authority to waive the co-payment. I don't expect a reward for doing the right thing, but saving $40 would be a nice thing.

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