Thursday, March 09, 2006

Sweet Tea Three

Terry asks:

1. What do you drink the most at work, and do you bring your own? Water. I gave up on the coffee at the office after about three years – too strong, no one bothered to make a fresh pot (just left a quarter of an inch in the bottom of the pot so they could technically say “But I didn’t take the last of it!”), and the grounds always left hanging above the pot to drip oils into the coffee. Yuck.
2. Nutrasweet (aspartame) or Splenda (sucralose)? Splenda, but only in baking things. I like my coffee unadulterated.
3. Do you keep candy at your desk/work area? I don’t need to – there are at least three candy dishes elsewhere in the office, including one in the cube of one of my subordinates. She keeps a stock of dark chocolate just for me.

1. What do you drink the most at home, and do you change on the weekend? Water, water, everywhere.
2. Nutrasweet (aspartame) or Splenda (sucralose)? See above.
3. Do you keep a candy stash? Change its location periodically? I live alone, so I can leave the pound bag of peanut M & Ms in plain sight. Not that it hangs around very long…

1. What do you drink when traveling? (Marc had “by plane” for this one, but I’ve changed it to be any sort of travel) Drinking while traveling means stopping to use a restroom, or using the tiny facilities on the plane/train.
2. Nutrasweet (aspartame) or Splenda (sucralose)? See above.
3. Do you chew gum to help your ears pop on a flight? (Obviously, this is for airplanes, not cars or buses or trains, unless you happen to be on one that flies.) The first time I flew, my ears didn't pop all the way from Chicago to Tuscon. I'm more the hold-the-nose, close-the-mouth-and-blow type of ear clearer.

BONUS - Sweet tea: your first choice of beverage, lemon or not, Lipton or Luzianne? ::hangs head in shame:: I don't like iced tea. I don't much like tea of any sort. Although, based on a friend's reaction when she ordered iced tea in South Carolina when we were vacationing, southern sweet tea is more like mainlining your sugar fix than drinking tea.

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