Monday, February 20, 2006

Send warm thoughts, please....

Brrr. Every so often the heat in our office goes out. Naturally, this only happens over the coldest weekend we have all winter. According to the first person to arrive this morning (admitedly, he gets here at 6 a.m., before the heat normally comes on), it was so cold in the kitchen area he could see his breath. Once the lights warmed up enough to come on, that is.

It's made worse by the structure of our building: we are a two story office add-on at right angles to the main building. The first floor of office space is actually the second floor, since there is a parking area under our section of the building. A parking area that is not enclosed, but open on three sides.

I'm not quite ready to cut out the fingers of my good leather gloves so I can type a little quicker, but it's getting close.

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