Monday, February 20, 2006

Homemade turkey soup

The pot on the stove is bubbling merrily along, turning the carcass of a turkey breast into wonderful broth. The turkey breast was cooked in the crockpot on Sunday morning for a pot trust; when I sliced it up I deliberately left a lot of meat on the bones (so OK, I was running late and didn't cut as closely as I normally would have).

The broth will sit in the refrigerator overnight, and tomorrow I'll skim off the fat and thoroughly strip the carcass of any meat that hasn't already fallen off.

Here's my question for anyone who cares to answer: What are your favorite turkey soup ingredients?

I'm an onion- carrot-mushroom-rice person, with a dash of red pepper flakes to make it interesting. But that would be a fairly standard soup. Does anyone use any unusual ingredients that would be worth a try? If you respond before three p.m. on Tuesday, I just may pick up your choices and throw them in the pot!

If you're in the neighborhood, you're welcome to come for a sample.

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